Centres Of Learning

The Centres of Learning conducts short term and long term training programs both in Situ and at the client's place in the following areas, details of all the training programs are announced on the website and through social media.

There are certain short term programs custom made to the requirement of participants mainly to help them to have a systematic approach towards optimizing the multi-lanceted domains of life.

  • Personal Empowerment Program to optimize self potential.
  • Parental Empowerment Program for grooming their Children as contributing partners for life.
  • Teacher’s Empowerment Program.
  • Corporate Training.
  • Academic Enhancement Program for School and College students understanding the dynamics and professional guidance towards better learning and coping methodologies.
  • Career Guidance - Step Forward Program.
  • Program for Communicative English Language Skills.
  • Inability to express in writing but very bright when it comes to verbal expression.
  • Remedial intervention for children with learning difficulties, through systematic strategies – Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD and ADD.
  • A long term Post Graduate Diploma Program in Applied Positive Psychology is planned to be conducted under one of the Centres of Learning, The Asian Institute of Positive Psychology.
  • All
  • Centre For Psychological Evaluation
  • Clinic For Special Education
  • Centre For Under Privilaged
  • Asian Institute of Positive Psychology

Centre For Psychological Evaluation

Today more than half the workforce are in jobs in which they find little fulfillment and satisfaction. This sounds astonishing but is indeed quite true. Surely though, an economy with the majority of its workforce unhappy in their jobs cannot reach its optimum peak under those conditions. For an individual, a satisfying career forms one of the most important and pivotal elements necessary for personal well being and without it, lies a potential source of instability in one's life.

Parents are particularly keen to gauge the ability of their children to learn new skills within particular disciplines, which they feel are the best to provide them a good and rewarding career. An aptitude test will help both the parents and the child to identify areas in which the child has a natural flair and talent. Children will perform better in their studies as they will apply their natural talents, aptitudes and personalities.

These Tests will help to identify and explore children’s inner motivations, personal interests and strengths. They also help identify interests, matching core personality traits to their future jobs. They also show preferred work styles and can help determine their ideal field of studies. The tests turn their field of studies into a passion rather than a boring and uninspiring drudge by matching with their traits and interests.

The best part of these tests is that it uses behavioral profiling tools designed to assist students understand more about themselves and the roles for which they are most suited in their future life.

Clinic For Special Education

There are large numbers of children struggling in Schools having learning difficulties. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Suspendisse convallis eros ne.
  • Inability to write alphabets & numbers.
  • Shirking to write.
  • Difficulty in mathematical operations.
  • Letter Reversals : b for d, w for m.
  • Word Reversal : was for saw.
  • Disorganized.
  • Inability to express in writing but very bright when it comes to verbal expression.
  • Day dreaming.
Parents may bring their Children with any of these symptoms for consultations at Reach Beyond Clinic at Pratyusha, 19, Janakpuri Colony, near Secunderabad Club on every Saturday from 14:00 - 18:00 hours. Once the exact problem is diagnosed, regular treatment will be given as required

Centre For Under Privilaged

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, Reach Beyond Educational Society has been conducting special classes for the students from weaker sections living in the neighbourhood of the area around our Centre to empower them in English language skills, both spoken and written to help them to do better in their academics, gain confidence and to prepare them as better citizens. The project had been started with support from Gun Rock Ladies Organization in the year 2009 with 9 children mostly from neighbouring areas. They have been mostly first generation school going children with no parental support at home for studies. This project has become a big success with increase in number of students every year. One of the student has reached class X and been awarded a scholarship by the School, taking responsibility for his further studies. Children from all walks of life are welcome to join these classes.

Asian Institute of Positive Psychology

The Institute plans to start an 18 months Post Graduate Diploma Program in Applied Positive Psychology in near future.

Participants will be required to complete all the modules of the program in 4 semesters during a single calendar year of full-time study followed by a project report to be submitted after 6 months. This project will in the form of a case study as selected by the Scholar in consultation with the head of the Institute with the aim to integrate what they have learned in this program and the ground realities. This part of the program has to be completed after finishing one year of class room lectures in the next 6 months in their own time .The final PG Diploma is awarded after the assessment of the project report. The program will include the following subjects:

Introduction to Positive Psychology: Intellectual history of positive psychology.
Research Methods and Evaluation: Learning methodology to explore the valid and reliable assessment of positive emotions, character strengths, and meaning in life.
Foundations of Positive Interventions: An investigation into the theoretical, empirical, and experiential nature of positive interventions.
Approaches to the Good Life: Examination of four perspectives on human flourishing.
Applied Positive Interventions: To study the applied work done by positive psychology practitioners and create positive psychology applications as temporary bench marks.
Positive Psychology and Individuals: Positive psychology applications in coaching, clinical and other relational settings.
Positive Psychology and Organizations: Exploration of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, and positive organizational scholarship in traditional and social business settings.
Humanities and Human Flourishing: Integration of culture and science to support the deeper understanding and more effective cultivation of human flourishing.